Brain Tumors- Guide books for surviving catastrophic illness
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Brain Tumors: Leaving The Garden Of Eden
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Brain Tumors: Leaving The Garden Of Eden
This 'intro' survivor’s guide contains basic facts you need to know about YOUR brain cancer: symptoms, diagnosis, getting organized, surfing the Internet,your Team, finding an Expert, getting a second opinion, contacts for major Brain Tumor Centers world-wide, steroids (decadron), CCNU, Temodar, Temodal, pain treatment...and more.
Brain Tumors: Finding The Ark

Brain Tumors
: Finding The Ark

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The sequel to "Leaving the Garden of Eden" contains action-oriented, problem-solving info about Complementary/ Alternative & herbal therapies, chemotherapy, blood stimulants & radiation treatments- their side and late effects; insurance & HMOs; Clinical Trials; heredity; child brain tumors with their special considerations; and Your Legacy- what you want to tell people about your life.

This Brain Tumors series puts information on all brain tumors from over 500 web sites & other resources at your fingertips.

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Like a compass in the wilderness, … a user-friendly tool for plotting an early course through the uncertainties of diagnosis and treatment of a brain tumor.
Dr. Henry Friedman,Tug Mcgraw Neuro-Oncology Quality Of Life Center, Duke Univ.

There is an important chapter on medications and "protecting yourself from medication errors" that includes an easy-to-use chart listing action items for the consumer. Recommended for public & consumer health libraries.
Howard Fuller,Stanford Health Library Palo Alto, CA